Metabolite Identification

Characterize and quantify metabolites with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

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High Sensitivity Metabolite Screening with ionKey/MS Using Post-Column Addition

It is accepted that a mobile phase with a higher composition of organic solvents improves the ionization efficiency, especially in the case of negative polarities. However, achieving the desired chromatographic separation of metabolites may require the use of mobile phases that may not be ideal for ESI. Altering solvent properties by post-column addition of a modifier can be an effective technique to improve sensitivity. Post-column addition of an organic modifier stabilizes the spray and allows enhancement of sensitivity without affecting the chromatographic separation.

Direct Detection of Glutathione Conjugates in Human Liver Microsomes Using Acquity UPLC I-Class, Xevo G2-S QTof and UNIFI

A simple and generic method is described for the simultaneous detection and quantitation of a parent compound, phase I metabolites and GSH adducts in a microsomal incubation using MSE generic acquisition under positive electrospray ionization conditions.