Metabolite Identification

Characterize and quantify metabolites with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

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Somatostatin Analogue Catabolite Screening and Identification Using Vion IMS QTof with WebMetabase

In this application note, several serum samples were analyzed using ion mobility enabled high resolution mass spectrometry.

Characterization of Differential Metabolites of Tienilic Acid and Its 3-Thiophene Isomer with Ion Mobility Enabled Mass Spectrometry

Tienilic acid (TA) is a uricosuric diuretic found to induce immune-mediated hepatotoxicity in patients, while its 3-thiophene isomer (TAI) exhibits direct hepatotoxic effects, and differential metabolism has been reported for these two compounds.

Routine Metabolite Identification for Complex Peptides Based on IMS Enabled QTof DIA Data Acquisition and Mass-Metasite Data Processing

Ion mobility enabled non-targeted HDMSE acquisition coupled with Mass-MetaSite and WebMetabase provides seamless data acquisition and processing for routine metabolite determination of complex cyclic peptides.

Taking Advantage of Ion Mobility Enabled Approaches for Discovery Metabolite Identification

This on-demand webinar will show you how ion mobility spectrometry and collision cross-section can increase your confidence in metabolite identification and structural identification for drug discovery, and make your data interpretation easier.

Improving Peptide Catabolism Interpretation Using Ion Mobility Data and Server-Based Data Review With HELM Integration

A unique challenge in peptide-based drug metabolism for evaluating preclinical candidates is the need for processing and visualization software tools that accommodate both small molecule rules (such as oxidations, synthetic modifications), as well as large molecule modifications (such as amide hydrolysis and oxidative deamination).

Ion Mobility-Enabled Metabolite Identification of Tienilic Acid and Tienilic Acid Isomer

Implementation of IMS-HRMS for TA and TAI metabolite identification and assessment of CCS modelling techniques for metabolite identification support.

Comprehensive Drug Metabolite Analysis Using Ion Mobility and Advanced Data Interpretation Tools

This webinar will outline the common technical and workflow challenges for metabolite identification and characterization throughout the drug development process.

Capitalizing on the Benefits of Ion Mobility for Metabolite Identification

Metabolite identification plays a crucial role in drug development, leading to a constant need to evaluate new technologies that can improve data quality or increase efficiencies. The recent example of a multiple sclerosis drug submitted for FDA approval, and the agency’s subsequent refusal to consider the application, illustrates the risk of incomplete characterization of clinically relevant metabolites.

Ion Mobility: Uncover the Unknown - Comprehensive Drug Metabolite Analysis Using Ion Mobility and Advanced Data Mining

View the latest webinar on the use of Ion Mobility for Comprehensive Drug Metabolite Analysis conducted on September 25th, 2018.

Catabolism of Peptides Using Ion Mobility Enabled High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Mass-Metasite Data Processing

This study outlines and focuses on the benefits and ease of use of ion mobility for the application of catabolite identification, as well as the use of Mass-MetaSite and WebMetabase for processing these complex data sets.