Large Molecule Quantification

Address the quantification of peptide- and protein-based biotherapeutics and biomarkers.

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Achieving Maximum Protein and Peptide Recovery, Sensitivity, and Reproducibility using QuanRecovery Vials and Plates

Quantitative LC-MS analyses for proteins and peptides are getting more challenging every day, requiring greater sensitivity and reproducibility from smaller amounts of samples. Analyte loss due to non-specific binding in sample containers is a significant problem in quantitation that is often not recognized early enough.

LC-MS Analysis of Plasma from Patients with Insulin Autoimmune Syndrome

This presentation was done at the 2019 ASMS Waters MS Users Meeting Pharmaceutical Track by: Dr Richard Kay, Cambridge University

Tackling Non-Specific Binding of Biotherapeutics Using LC-MS Compatible QuanRecovery Sample Plates with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces

This technical note demonstrates the ability of QuanRecovery Sample Plates with MaxPeak HPS (High Performance Surfaces) to mitigate non-specific binding of monoclonal antibody biotherapeutics and improve analytical method performance.

Automating Sample Preparation Workflows for Hybrid LC-MS/MS Bioanalysis of Protein Therapeutics: Quantification of Etanercept Using Affinity Purification and Digestion

This application note aims to describe the process of developing a successful, automated capture and digestion method for hybrid LC-MS/MS quantification of the fusion protein, etanercept.

Development of a Hybrid Immunoaffinity-LC-MS/MS Method for the Quantification of Active Biotherapeutics Targeting TNF-α in Serum

This application note presents a highly sensitive and selective sample preparation strategy for the LC-MS/MS quantification of free/active biotherapeutic from human serum for the TNF-α targeting biotherapeutics: infliximab, adalimumab, and etanercept.

High Sensitivity Quantification of Salmon Calcitonin from Human Serum Using Mixed-Mode SPE & LC-MS/MS

In this work, we have a developed a complete sample preparation and LC-MS/MS workflow for the sensitive and accurate quantification of salmon calcitonin from human serum.

An Intact Level Workflow for Sensitive Monoclonal Antibody Monitoring in Preclinical Matrix

This poster demonstrates HRMS sensitivity of intact level quantification for three monoclonal antibodies, adalimumab, infliximab, and trastuzumab prepared through affinity purification in mouse plasma.

Tim Sikorski - GlaxoSmithKline Interview

Tim Sikorski, Investigator - Exploratory Biomarkers, discusses his role at GlaxoSmithKline and how Waters has contributed to his work.

Tim Sikorski - Practical Approaches to Protein Biomarker Quantification by LC-MS - PEGS 2018

Tim Sikorski, Investigator-Exploratory Biomarkers at GlaxoSmithKline, discusses Practical Approaches to Protein Biomarker Quantification by LC-MS at PEGS 2018.

Development of a SPE LC-MS/MS Method for the Bioanalytical Quantification of Salmon Calcitonin from Human Serum

This application note describes a simple sample preparation strategy using Oasis WCX μElution SPE combined with analytical flow LC and a tandem (triple) quadrupole MS for the high sensitivity quantification of salmon calcitonin from human serum.