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EBF Open Symposium Barcelona, Spain November 20–22, 2019
AAPS 2019 PHARMSCI 360 San Antonio, Texas November 3–6, 2019
23rd International Reid Bioanalytical Forum Cambourne, UK September 23–26, 2019
48th DMDG Open Meeting 2019 Cambridge, UK September 18–20, 2019
Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis 2019 Boston, MA September 9–11, 2019
12th International ISSX Meeting Portland, Oregon July 28–31, 2019
Waters at 13th Annual WRIB Event New Orleans April 1–5, 2019
Bioanalysis Rising Star Award Nominations March 31, 2019
Spotlight: Validation of biomarkers Spotlight Webinar July 27, 2018
Protein & Peptide Quantification: Challenges and Solutions for Large Molecule Bioanalysis Webinar February 22, 2018
The Rise of Insulin Biosimilars: The Race for High Sensitivity Quantification Webinar August 8, 2017
Versatile Screening, Identification and Quantitation of Molecules with Q-Tof High Resolution Mass Spectrometer Webinar On demand
The Rise of Quantitative HRMS Webinar and Panel Discussion On demand
Microfluidics for macromolecules: leveraging microflow LC/MS for quantitation of therapeutic peptides Webinar On demand
Top Ten Misconceptions about Microflow LC-MS Webinar On demand
Metabolomic Applications in Cardiovascular Disease (2016 New Investigator Award Winner) Webinar On demand
Developments in Analysis of Drugs and Metabolites in Skeletal Remains Webinar On demand
The Changing World of Bioanalysis Panel Discussion Webinar On demand
Quantification of Proteins in Complex Biological Samples by LC-MS/MS Webinar On demand
Data Independent and Data Dependent Acquisition Strategies Combined With Ion Mobility for Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Kalamazoo, Michigan Posters
Panel discussion on peptide and large molecule analysis by LC-MS Webinar On demand
Introducing ProteinWorks - Standardizing High Performance Protein Quantification Workflows Webinar On demand
The Versatility of Microflow LC-MS: Making High Sensitivity Applications More Routine with ionKey/MS Webinar On demand
Improving recovery, sensitivity and repeatability in peptide quantification workflows Webinar May 29, 2019
ASMS Waters' MS Users' Meeting 2019: Pharmaceutical Session Atlanta, GA June 1, 2019
Simplifying Protein Quantification Workflows Webinar On demand